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Thousands of tyres are dumped illegally throughout Wales annually and are a danger to the environment as well as to public health and safety. Welsh Tyre Recycling Services have been helping authorities such as Breacon Becons National Park, The Forestry Commission and The Environmental Agency in providing a safe and environmentally friendly service to dispose of these tyres.

Welsh Tyre Recycling Services have just finished a project where a farm in Kidwelly had the problem of a large number of tyres being dumped over a period of time. The Environmental Agency had given the land owner a deadline for the tyres to be removed or face a hefty fine! The land owner had no way of being able to remove the tyres from the site so Welsh Tyre Recycling Services were called in.

Welsh Tyre Recycling Services headed up the cleanup and removed 34 containers full of tyres. The cleanup was conducted to industry standards leaving the owner free from a fine and a clean site.

Welsh Tyre Recycling Services can undertake any cleanup project no matter how big or small.

Project Photos - PAS108 Swansea Wall For The Council