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Used tyres make up a significant proportion of the waste produced from old vehicles and are scrapped once no longer safe to use on vehicles. Welsh Tyre Recycling Service Ltd process many thousands of used tyres every month using the latest Tyre Baling technology which allows previously useless tyres to be used in an ecologically and environmentally friendly manner. The Tyres are compressed using a specialised (PAS108 specification) Tyre Baler and then transported to various sites where they are used in the construction industry.

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Tyre Collection Service

Tyre Disposal made quick and easy! Welsh Tyre Recycling Service Ltd have lots of experience and the capability in tyre recycling. We have been a leading Welsh provider when it comes to dealing with waste tyre collection and tyre recycling.

Welsh Tyre Recycling Service Ltd provides a bespoke, reliable and fully compliant tyre collect ion and recycle solution to meet your needs 100%. Whether you have a Single waste tyre or full loads of waste tyres, you can make use of our Tyre collection Services.

Tyres are made from vulcanised rubber which is a chemically enhanced rubber designed to be very durable. This material is highly toxic for both humans and the environment.

Our Tyre Collection Services and Recycling services ensure that your waste tyres are recycled without causing any harm to environment. Tyres we gather from our Tyre collection services are most often used as aggregate replacement. We are BSI PAS 108 Standard compliant providing a professional service.

We have a diverse range of customers and collect and dispose of all types of tyres

Farms, estates and dairy farmers - silage clamp and agricultural tyre disposal.

End of Life Vehicle dismantlers, car and truck tyres from scrap yards, including tyres on or off rims.

Garages and tyre fast fi’ retail outlets.

Local Authority and private waste transfer stations, depots and household waste recycling centres.

Aircraft tyres, earthmover, implement and forklift tyres.